Bottlejack and Hastener are inventors, engineers and demonstrators of modern wonders and delightful distractions. We re-invent the past and make the extraordinary possible with our inexplicable machines, a handful of which are described in these pages.

Our enactors are available for hire – helping to enliven exhibitions, festivals, fairs, weddings, street parties, cabaret and many other events you might imagine. With our hypothetical victoriana we’ll be sure to engage and entertain. Why not drop us a line and see what we can magic we can conjure up.

Bottlejack and Hastener have previously appeared at: Vintage Computing Festival (Bletchley Park), Twirls of the Unexpected Cabaret (Plymouth), Kitty’s Dolls Burlesque (Plymouth), Rainbow Burlesque (Torquay), Apres Noir Festival (Exeter), K&Q Vintage Fair (Exeter), Volksfest music festival (Plymouth), Morwellham Quay (Tavistock), Resurgam city-wide adventure game (Plymouth), Union Street Party (Plymouth), Fascinate conference performance event (Falmouth) amongst others.

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